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T-Shirt Order Info 

If you wish to purchase one of our Club tops please fill out the T-shirt Order form. 
Also our Sponsors logo is also featured on the WMCJoinery. 

You have an option of 2 types of tops, vest top or short sleeve, orders will not be processed until a payment is made. You can now pay online right here, by filling out the form and clicking 'order now'. If you wish to pay with cash please do not fill out a form, get in touch using any of the socials below. 
Once complete you will receive a confirmation email, if you don't please let us know by sending an email to

T-shirt worn in both images is a size Small 
Order a T-Shirt Now

Both T-shirts are £15


Select your product:

Thanks for ordering!

Overhead Hoodie

with Initials 




If you wish to purchase one of our hoodies fill out the form and pay now. Please be aware the cost is different for each item, the price is shown on each picture. 

You will receive a conformation email, if you don't please get in touch and email

Order a Hoodie here 

Make sure you select the correct type of hoodie you want


Select an item (£)

Thanks for ordering!

Zip Up Hoodie

with Initials 

Price Tag _edited.png


Personalised Water Bottles

Each Bottle costs £5, if you wish to purchase one please fill out the form, and state what personalisation you wish to have. 

If you'd like to pay online, you can do so by completing the form and clicking ' order now' which will take you to payment. If you'd like to pay cash please get in touch. 


Order a Personalised water bottle now

Thanks for ordering!

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