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Phoenix Presentation Evening 2023 

We had a fabulous night celebrating a very successful year of phoenix. We had awards, live music from 'Chaos in Control', raffle and a phoenix twist of Bongos Bingo. We raised a massive £600 for club, thank you to everyone that come and supported Phoenix. 

Club Awards 


Most improved - Kenzie James 
Coaches Player - Liv Prandle 
Players Player - Amy Plumb



Most improved - Jade Sinnett
Coaches Player - Sarah Roberts  
Players Player - Elsa Maughen



Most improved - Amy Harrison 
Coaches Player - Manda Jones
Players Player - Mitchell Murombedz


Phoenix Player of the year 2023

Amy Plumb 



Most improved - Rosie Blaze
Coaches Player - Tillie Edwards
Players Player - Georgia Bartley 


Phoenix Summer League 

Phoenix are now running their own Summer League, and we currently have 4 teams participating in the league! Look on our 'summer league' page to see all details, such as league table and current rresults.

Meet our teams 


Phoenix Storm

Mel Keeble 

Amanda Jones 

Amy Harrison 

Becky Jones 

Caitlyn Filer 

Clare Jones 

Erin Roberts 

Leanne Roche 

Mitchell Murombedzi

Shannon Roberts 

Steph Williams


Phoenix Lightning

Elsa Maughen 

Emma Fletcher 

Heulwen Jones 

Jade McDermott

Jade Sinnett 

Kathryn Harland 

Katie Ellis 

Katie Jones 

Natalie Ward 

Sarah Ellis 

Sarah Roberts 

Phoenix Hurricane

Phoenix Thunder

Bethan Faulks 

Bintou Baldeh 

Celyn Hughes 

Charlotte Young 

Ellie Herrington 

Georgia Bartley 

Jess Cockburn 

Jo Cunliffe 

Julia Flaherty 

Laura Cummins 

Lily Lawrence  

Lucy Jones 

Rosie Blaze 

Tillie Edwards 

Ally McCarthy 

Amy Plumb 

Amy Williams 

Anna Buckland 

ashleigh Evans 

Beth Charlotte 

Emma Bradshaw

Heulwen Jones 

Kenzie James 

Liv Prandle 

Natalie Whyman 

Nicky Hughes 

Sian Jones 

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